• Are you looking for a place to serve but not sure where to start? A great starting point is to pray. Ask God to direct your discovery process. Then begin to think about how God has wired you , what you love to do, and what people/ministry you feel called to serve.

    At the point when you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, the Holy Spirit gives you at least one gift. We call these Spiritual Gifts. These gifts are given to each believer to equip them to do the tasks that God has for them to do. Think of these as the tools, the equipment you need to serve.

    So... what are the next steps? First, complete the following inventory. Don't labor over the task, simply select the one that seems to most closely apply. Your choices are Agree (A), Somewhat Agree (SA), Somewhat Disagree (SD), and Disagree (D). After completing the inventory, you will receive a list of your gifts along with the definitions and scripture references for your top three gifts.

    Once you receive your inventory results, pray about how God wants you to use your gifts combined with where you feel compelled to serve. For example, the gift of helps can be demonstrated in anything from setting up the gym for Upward Basketball, rocking babies in the nursery, to cooking and delivering casseroles for families in crisis. Read over your inventory results and definitions asking God which ministry area he is calling you to serve using your unique set of gifts and passions. Enjoy the discovery!

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